SSD Performance

We’re doing some performance testing with a customer right now using solid state drives (SSD). The customer currently has 9x 146GB drives configured as R5 8+1. Marketing numbers will typically state between 15x to 30x IOPS performance over 15k fibre channel drives. We all know real world will typically yield less. Below is a table of tests run with iometer.


Profile IOPS MBps Response Cpu Drive Count IOPS per Drive MBps per Drive IOPS Comparison to 15k
2KB and 4KB blocks 50/50 split – sequential 10973 32 185 6.4 9 1219.22   6.77
2KB and 4KB blocks 50/50 split – random 13996 31 145 8.6 9 1555.11   8.64
1M blocks sequential 264 264 5267 1 9   29.33  
10MB blocks sequential 28.15 281 38911 1 9   31.22  


From an IOPS perspective, we got 6.7x to 8.6x improvement, assuming 180 IOPS for 15k drives. While it’s not 15x or 30x, it’s still impressive. You’ll note that the response time increases drastically for the larger block I/O and that CPU utilization climbs with the smaller block I/O, as you’d expect.


The numbers say it all.


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